Taxonomy Laboratory


Using biological indicators to evaluate environmental condition and change.


Taxonomy Laboratory

In operation since 1995, EcoAnalysts has built North America’s largest and most comprehensive taxonomic services laboratory. EcoAnalysts stands out among taxonomy labs – we provide high quality data, we have high capacity for large numbers of samples with quick deadlines, and we provide excellent customer service and support to maximize the value of the services we provide. EcoAnalysts is not only a highly technically proficient taxonomy laboratory, we are very focused on our relationship with our clients. We strongly believe in good communication as a critical component for successful projects.

EcoAnalysts provides taxonomic identification of marine, estuarine and freshwater species from around the world.

  • Benthic Infauna

  • Terrestrial invertebrates

  • Periphyton (diatoms and soft algae) and Phytoplankton, Macroalgae, Cyanobacteria

  • Zooplankton

  • Fish (eggs, larvae, juvenile, and adult) and fish stomach contents

  • Fish Stomach Contents

  • Biomass: wet weight, dry weight, ash-free dry mass, length-weight regressions

  • Chlorophyll a,b,c, and pheophytin corrections (Spectrophotometry-EPA 446.0, Fluorescence-EPA 445.0)

SFS Certified Taxonomists

Each of EcoAnalysts’ benthic macroinvertebrate taxonomists are certified by Society for Freshwater Science (SFS, formerly North American Benthological Society) in one or more taxonomic groups through the Taxonomic Certification Program Genus Level Certification examination. The SFS Taxonomic Certification Committee considers successful completion of the certification tests to be an objective reflection of the capability of an individual to perform accurate and precise taxonomic identifications within the taxa groups for which they are certified.

Ecological Consulting Services

Going beyond analyzing taxonomy samples, our staff are experts in designing sampling programs, conducting field work, and analyzing and interpreting results. We produce reliable and defensible results for large and small assessment programs of marine, estuarine, and freshwater habitats. Our aquatic ecologists can assist with all stages of assessment including, technical negotiations, expert witness, and project management.

Equipment Rental

We provide sampling equipment and experienced personnel to support a range of ecological investigations including freshwater, nearshore and deep-water benthic surveys. This includes field sampling using agency standard methodologies with Van Veen, Ponar, vibracores, kick nets, box-cores or specially designed grab sampling devices to obtain samples of sediment and biota for assessments.

Service Applications

  • Federal and State Environmental Permitting and Compliance

  • Habitat Assessment, Restoration and Compliance

  • Baseline and Post-Baseline Assessment

  • Site Investigation and Monitoring

  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment

  • Ecological Risk Assessments

  • Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Studies

  • Biodiversity Management Plans

  • Climate Change Assessment