Aquatic Resource Inventories


Natural resource inventories are essential for creating an accurate picture of the environment and are a necessary step in the evaluation of ecological health. As a team of skilled environmental scientists, consultants and technicians, we emphasize the collection and production of scientifically defensible, ecological datasets that will be used to help our clients solve complex environmental challenges. With over 25 years of local, regional, and national experience EcoAnalysts is a recognized leader in the field.



  • Land Use Management Plans 

  • Critical Habitat Evaluations 

  • Restoration Plans 

  • Conservation Planning and Design 

  • Environmental Compliance and Permitting 

  • Watershed Management Plans 

  • Wetland Delineation, Compliance, and Permitting 

  • Water Quality Monitoring Programs 

  • Impact Assessments 

  • Construction and Dredging Permits 

Freshwater and Marine Aquatic Inventories 

EcoAnalysts services support reliable evaluation of the health and condition of streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries, and open ocean environments. We offer survey design, field sampling, laboratory analysis, data analysis and interpretation, and advisory services.

  • EcoAnalysts is fully equipped to sample physical, chemical and biological parameters.

  • Laboratory services include species identification, biomass and chlorophyll analysis, aquatic ecotoxicology, and bioaccumulation.

  • Services include food web analysis, biological community condition assessments, federal and state threatened and endangered species surveys and ESA consultation, invasive species surveys, floral and faunal distribution mapping (GIS), technical report preparation, and economically feasible mitigation to meet  regulatory requirements

Threatened and Endangered Species

EcoAnalysts biologists hold multiple collection permits or can quickly obtain permits needed to complete your assessment. We have experience completing habitat assessments and species-specific surveys for state and federally listed endangered and threatened species including freshwater mussel surveys and translocations and crayfish. 

EcoAnalysts has a strong reputation with regulators and agencies and can quickly mobilize to obtain Population Estimates, perform Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys and Presence Absence surveys to move your project forward. 

Freshwater Mussel Surveys and Diving Operations 

EcoAnalysts biologists are certified through experience and species identification examinations by several state agencies to conduct freshwater mussel surveys, including threatened and endangered species. We hold permits for multiple state and federally listed freshwater mussel species.

Most freshwater mussel surveys in medium and large rivers require diving. EcoAnalysts' highly trained dive staff is committed to integrity, safety, and teamwork: characteristics evident in every EcoAnalysts dive operation. Safety is the primary concern of any reputable dive team. EcoAnalysts is a member company of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI). We also meet or exceed the US Army Corps of Engineers and OSHA regulations for commercial diving. All field team members are Emergency First Responders (First Aid/CPR) as well as Oxygen Administration. 

Although our surface supplied air system is EcoAnalysts' preferred method of diving, some situations call for more portable solutions. EcoAnalysts has all the SCUBA and communications equipment necessary to safely meet diving objectives when surface supplied air is not an option. Divers and biologists are certified Rescue Divers through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). We are currently developing a Scientific River Dive Safety course for USFWS that will be a PADI certification.  

Freshwater Mussel Survey and Diving Applications

  • Hydropower 

  • Dredging 

  • Bridge Construction 

  • River Transportation 

  • Channel Maintenance 

  • Electrical Power Industry 

  • Mining 

  • Pipelines 

  • Dam Removal 

  • Spills/derailments 

  • Intakes and Discharges 

  • Regulatory Permit Requirements 

  • Compliance for permits associated with: 

    • Clean Water Act  

      • Section 404 

      • Section 316a/316b 

      • NPDES 

    • Rivers and Harbors Act 

      • Section 10 

    • Endangered Species Act 

      • Section 7 

      • Section 10