Gary Lester


Gary’s early love of fishing influenced his decision to pursue aquatic ecology as a career.

He began in 1987 as a student of ecology and environmental technology at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state and then transferred to the University of Idaho in 1989 to complete his bachelor’s degree in fisheries management. He continued his studies in aquatic ecology by enrolling in graduate school at the University of Idaho to pursue Master’s research in entomology from 1992-1994. His graduate research involved using fish and macroinvertebrate communities as indicators of stream health in forested watersheds of northern Idaho. Upon completing his coursework he helped start EcoAnalysts, Inc. in January 1995 to provide macroinvertebrate taxonomy and bioassessment services. His role as CEO of the firm is to ensure EcoAnalysts daily continues to provide our clients with superior expertise and service, to provide company vision and direction, and to make EcoAnalysts a fun, productive place to work.