Environmental and Social Risk Management


EcoAnalysts delivers social and environmental consulting services to project developers and on behalf of multilateral and private financial institutions for major capital investments domestically and around the world with a particular focus on Latin America and Africa.

We provide support and advisory services across the entire project lifecycle to identify, assess, and manage consequences that may result from the development’s impacts on the natural environment or stakeholders including employees, customers, and local communities. We are committed to helping our clients develop projects that are socially and environmentally sound and sustainable, compliant with regulatory requirements and international best practices. Additionally, we ensure projects realize potential environmental and social benefits associated with their project activities and objectives. 

Capacity Development 

EcoAnalysts understands international development challenges and the need for in-country experience. We partner with local experts and direct the capacity building of local project teams to mobilize knowledge and expertise to promote scalability and long-term sustainability. 

Due Diligence Reviews and Audits 

EcoAnalysts has global experience reviewing and auditing project plans and activities to assess project compliance with regulatory requirements. Early in the project lifecycle, EcoAnalysts provides advisory services and oversight for project feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA). 

Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (IESC) 

We work on behalf of project lenders to independently assess a project’s compliance with international safeguards including the IFC Performance Standards, IDB safeguards, Equator Principles and host country laws and regulations. Our specialists identify project environmental and social gaps and advise developers on how the project could be brought into conformation. We review project documentation, conduct site visits, assess project capacity and resources to manage project risks and impacts, identify gaps and develop an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP). Our role is often extended to include construction and operational compliance monitoring. 

Cumulative Impacts Assessment 

EcoAnalysts recognizes that projects on which we provide advisory services are likely not the only development occurring in a region. We account for impacts within the context of potential cumulative effects on valued environmental and social components as part of a practical direction and advisement that meets statutory requirements and best professional practice.  

Stakeholder Engagement Plans 

EcoAnalysts helps project developers work with local stakeholders to convey the positive and negative impacts of a project, implement grievance mechanisms for stakeholders to raise their concerns, and define procedures for managing concerns that is planned, timely and respectful to affected communities. We help our clients maintain positive communications and engagement through the life of the project.