Ecosystem Services Evaluations and Strategies


Ecosystems and the natural resources therein (e.g. land, water, biodiversity) provide a wide range of tangible and intangible benefits for society. Through their complex of natural cycles, these benefits, or ecosystem services, provide critical functions for human survival and thriving communities, e.g. pollination, timber production, flood regulation, climate regulation, and cultural benefits such recreational opportunities. Far more tangible and calculable are ecosystem goods produced through basic ecological processes.


Economic, social and environmental changes are interlinked. Impacts to ecosystems can disrupt the environmental services that are provided by these ecosystems including the economies and livelihoods of people reliant on these services.  

Decision making frequently involves a thorough analyses of impacts – immediate and cumulative – to ecosystem goods and services. EcoAnalysts helps our clients understand how natural capital assets will be impacted by their projects and the ecosystem services delivered by those assets.  

EcoAnalysts specializes in assessing and compensating for impacts on ecosystem services with an emphasis on delivering both social and environmental expertise and stakeholder involvement.  

Natural Capital and Ecosystem Accounting 

EcoAnalysts uses the latest robust frameworks to value and quantify ecosystem services that promote consistent and practical comparisons across physical, chemical, social/cultural and ecological values.  

Mitigation Hierarchy Development 

Where a project poses risks or impacts on biodiversity, EcoAnalysts assists project developers to prepare a Biodiversity Management Plan focused on following the mitigation hierarchy that complies with local and international standards. We work with developers to retain experts with appropriate regional experience, implement conservation and mitigation measures, and to verify the implementation of those measures. 

Biodiversity Management 

Biodiversity, or the full complement of lifeforms in a system, is vital to the functioning of our ecosystems and is a critical component of natural capital. We assess habitat and species networks through a multi-disciplinary approach to help conserve and manage biodiversity. 

EcoAnalysts delivers demonstrated expertise in river ecology and life history with various riverine construction, operation, and management methods to provide our clients with creative solutions that are readily accepted by regulatory agencies. 

Offsets will be considered after appropriate mitigation measures have been planned to reduce residual impact. EcoAnalysts helps our clients design and implement biodiversity offsets to achieve measurable conservation outcomes. 

Climate Change Strategies 

EcoAnalysts applies our environmental and social sciences expertise to help private and public sector clients to assess, develop, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. We evaluate and assess climate change risks and impacts on resources, people, communities, and projects, leveraging our collective knowledge to help our clients develop practical, attainable, and cost-effective solutions to challenges posed by climate change.