Wade Hoiland

Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomist

Wade first joined the EcoAnalysts team in June 2005 as a chironomid taxonomist, leaving in March 2011. He rejoined Eco in December 2015, again mainly to identify chironomids. Wade earned his B.S. degree in Secondary Education in Biology in 1986 from the University of Idaho and his M.S. in Zoology, also from U. of Idaho in 1992.  Prior to coming to EcoAnalysts, Wade spent five years as the aquatic ecology lab manager in the lab of Dr. Steven Kohler at the Illinois Natural History Survey. After leaving the INHS, Wade became the lab manager in the lab of Dr. Seth Reice at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In both jobs his duties included most aspects of stream ecology including the sampling, processing and identification of invertebrates, fish and periphyton in Michigan and North Carolina streams. Other responsibilities included finding study sites, training and supervising work-study students and graduate students and overseeing the daily operations of the lab. Wade also has consulted on various aquatic projects for individuals and companies. After leaving EcoAnalysts in 2011, Wade worked at Invertebrate Ecology until July 2015 doing various aquatic ecology jobs but also collecting and identifying terrestrial insects from pitfall traps as part of a project to write a terrestrial biological assessment protocol for the Pacific Northwest. 

SFS Certifications
General Arthropods East, 2016
General Arthropods West, 2016
EPT East, 2013
EPT West, 2013
Chironomidae East, 2015
Chironomidae West, 2015