Robert Wiliams

DIVE/Safety Coordinator

Mr. Williams is the Diving/Safety Coordinator for EcoAnalysts Inc., with 20 years of underwater and a lifetime of mechanical experience.  As a Dive/Safety Coordinator, Supervisor, Project Manager, and Diver, he has worked on underwater and topside scientific, maintenance, construction, welding and remote tooling projects. Diving experience includes welding, burning, inspection, salvage, construction, maintenance, and science related projects, both inland and offshore. He has set up, supervised, and managed multiple projects including: USACE and DOT projects. His abilities have proven to be effective in troubleshooting diving, mechanical, and logistical problems, offering viable solutions. He has upgraded and maintained safety, equipment maintenance, and related training programs. He currently manages and oversees all Diving Operations, Equipment Maintenance, and Dive Training programs for EcoAnalysts Inc. He is proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and Adobe.  

Affiliations and Certification  

Commercial Diving Certification (1998)  

ADCI: Air Supervisor /Mixed Gas Diver/Air Diver (2019)  

First Aid, CPR and O2 Training (2019)  

30-hour OSHA  

Personal Offshore Survival/Helicopter Egress   

Rigging/Signal Person Certificate  

NDT 1&2  

NCCO Crane Operator: Fixed/Swing Cab  

Underwater/Topside Welding and Burning  

Drysuit Repair Tech