Michelle Knowlen

Aquatic Toxicologist and Benthic Ecologist

Michelle Knowlen is an aquatic toxicologist and benthic ecologist at EcoAnalysts Port Gamble Environmental Lab, with a background in environmental science and marine ecology. She currently manages benthic risk assessments for ecological impact projects, leads in-house benthic invertebrate taxonomy (specialized in polychaetes), performs complex multivariate statistical analyses for a variety of aquatic ecology monitoring programs, conducts lab-controlled toxicity testing in marine and freshwater environments, and assists in field operations (including sample collection and processing). She has more than six years of experience conducting benthic invertebrate taxonomy in both private and public sectors, and brings a multidisciplinary approach to a variety of ecological monitoring and aquatic toxicology projects. Ms. Knowlen is also experienced in large-scale benthic ecological risk assessments and baseline studies being performed in the Arctic and Northwest region. In addition, she has participated in an assortment of environmental projects across the country including dam removals, oil and gas exploration, vessel biofouling management, and aquatic restoration. 


University of Washington