Matt Hill

Freshwater And Marine Invertebrate And Zooplankton Taxonomist

Mr. Hill joined EcoAnalysts in 2005. His primary duties include performing original and QC identifications for general, oligochaete, and zooplankton (microcrustacea and rotifer) samples from freshwater, estuarine, and marine sites.  He has also conducted field work for macroinvertebrate and planktonic collection.  In addition to his laboratory and field work, Mr. Hill has also been active in employee development.  He has conducted multiple courses (both internally and externally) for the subsampling and identification of oligochaetes.  Mr. Hill is a SCAMIT qualified taxonomist. Mr. Hill’s professional experiences include performing taxonomic analyses for tribal and US government entities.  Mr. Hill participated in the 2010 USEPA Rivers and Streams Assessment, the 2009 and 2014 USEPA National Lakes Assessment, the ongoing Kootenai River Field Sampling and Bioassessment for the Kootenai Tribe initiated in 2002, and the Colville Confederated Tribes’ Columbia River Reservoir Morphometrics, Food Web, and Rainbow Trout Fishery Study. 

SFS Certifications 

General Arthropods East, 2013
General Arthropods West, 2013
EPT East, 2013
EPT West, 2013
Oligochaeta, 2013 


MS, Fishery Science
BS, Entomology