Lisa Underwood

Lead Pychologist

Dr. Underwood is the Lead Phycologist for EcoAnalysts due to her breadth of experience and education in the field of phycology. She conducted environmental consulting for surface water resource assessments through evaluation of biological, chemical, and physical factors. Experiences include algal identification and enumeration, data review and analysis, and preparation of oral and written communications. Her prior experience also included assisting in instruction of algal community dynamics through culture, identification, enumeration, and microscopic techniques for student Honors Thesis Projects at Loyola University.  

Dr. Underwood served as a Water Quality Team Leader and District Limnologist for the US Army Corps of Engineers with a primary objective to integrate science into government procedure involving water resource management. She accomplished this goal through revision of water quality monitoring plans for more comprehensive study involving a holistic watershed approach.  Emphasis was placed on open communication and collaboration between all stakeholders with interests in any particular watershed as different agencies on any level of government operation have somewhat varying, however, similar overall objectives regarding water quality issues. Through partnerships she was able to more efficiently and effectively assess watershed characteristics and develop best land use management plans through pooling of limited resources and reduced redundancy of effort for protection and enhancement of water resources.