Gregory Wallace


Greg joined EcoAnalysts in 2008 as a Chironomid Taxonomist. Before joining EcoAnalysts, Greg worked fifteen years for the University of Missouri as a Research Technician in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  His responsibilities at the university included a variety of aspects of stream ecology research, primarily collection, laboratory processing and taxonomic identification of aquatic invertebrate samples for projects related to aquatic biomonitoring of Missouri streams. Greg’s experience includes collecting and identifying aquatic invertebrates for the Biological Criteria of Missouri Streams project which helped establish biological criteria currently utilized by the Biological Monitoring Unit of Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  He utilized MO DNR’s semi-quantitative macroinvertebrate sample collection and laboratory processing protocols on subsequent projects and trained a series of co-workers in use of the procedures.  Other responsibilities included stream habitat assessment, field reconnaissance of potential study sites, overseeing daily operations of an aquatics laboratory, fish sampling, and contributing to study reports and scientific manuscripts. Greg also worked five years for the Missouri Department of Conservation in the Resource Science Division identifying aquatic invertebrates for the Resource Assessment and Monitoring Program. 

SFS Certifications 

EPT East, 2016
Chironomidae East, 2016
Chironomidae West, 2016
Oligochaeta, 2013 


BS, Wildlife Conservation & Management