Christopher Fishel

Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomist

Chris first joined the EcoAnalysts team in January 2006 as a macroinvertebrate taxonomist.  In July 2009, he left EcoAnalysts to pursue opportunities in his home state of NY, then rejoined us in August 2017.  Chris has 20 years of experience as an aquatic entomologist, spending his years prior to EcoAnalysts working for Dr. Barbara Peckarsky at both the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab and Cornell University.  His duties included field collections of macroinvertebrates, identification, electrofishing surveys, and lab management at both locations. 

SFS Certifications
General Arthropods East, 2015
General Arthropods West, 2015
EPT East, 2013
EPT West 2013
Oligochaeta, 2015