Charles Ingwell

Algal Taxonomist

Mr. Ingwell functions in multiple capacities throughout the algal department at EcoAnalysts. Primarily, he is responsible for production taxonomy on phytoplankton samples collected from freshwater and marine sites throughout the United States and Canada.  In addition to phytoplankton taxonomy, he also has experience identifying periphytic, epiphytic, and benthic algae, as well as live diatoms.  

Mr. Ingwell began identifying phytoplankton communities as a graduate student researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee while studying phytoplankton community dynamics. His principal area of expertise included phytoplankton and zooplankton community analyses using inverted microscopy and water chemistry. His research included studying plankton communities in eutrophic ponds using microscopy, bathymetry, light attenuation, trophic interactions, biomass estimates and experimental incubations. Additionally, he studied streams in southwest Wisconsin for the water flow dynamics and performed aquatic invertebrate and macrophyte surveys. In his research, he performed statistical analyses of accumulated data.