Freshwater Mussels Project in Michigan

Grand River Whitewater (GRWW) is in the process of revitalizing the rapids in Grand Rapids, MI. EcoAnalysts is working with GRWW to evaluate effects of the project on freshwater mussels, particularly federal and state threatened and endangered species. One of the project goals is to connect the people of Grand Rapids with the river. Education on the value of the river and its resources is an important project component. A summer River Camp is being held to educate students on the rivers resources. Heidi Dunn (EcoAnalysts) met with students Tuesday morning to talk about river ecology and freshwater mussels. Students then went to the river to collect and identify mussels. During the remainder of the river camp they will be talking about current threats to the river, mussels, and fish and developing solutions. They will present their plans to the city at the end of the camp.

TV News story about the project:

Local students use brain power to find mussels