Site assessment requires an understanding of the interactions of physical, chemical, and biological systems overlaid within the regional and national regulatory framework. EcoAnalysts specializes in applying site-specific biological and physical data with environmental models to understand or predict responses to natural and man-made stressors. Our staff have developed and conducted long-term monitoring programs that allow clients to distinguish between long-term environmental trends and site-related activities using chemical and biological indicators. With the unique ability to collect field survey data, conduct laboratory testing and examination of samples, and perform investigative statistical and qualitative analyses entirely in-house, EcoAnalysts can manage all stages of a site assessment and monitoring project.

Our projects represent a broad spectrum of clients including oil and gas producers and refiners, mining, manufacturing, and maritime interests including ports and harbors. We have actively implemented baseline benthic community assessments and long term monitoring projects nationwide and in the Arctic, performed aquatic invasive species surveys and mitigation programs (including vessel biofouling management and habitat assessments), organized native eelgrass surveys and transplanting strategies, and conducted environmental risk assessments and benefit analyses within the United States and abroad (such as China, Brazil, and Nova Scotia).

Examples of Site Assessment and Monitoring Service Areas:

  • Field Investigation and Baseline Assessment
  • Toxicity Testing of Regulated Discharges
  • Exploration and Development Support
  • Regulatory Coordination
  • Spill Response Planning and Management