Mr. Hummell is a Principal Scientist with more than 25 years of experience. He specializes in environmental assessments and has conducted studies of the effects of inorganic and organic chemicals, urban and industrial development, ecosystem modification, and petroleum and mining related development on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems at sites throughout the United States, its territories (Guam), Ireland, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Azerbaijan. His work includes evaluations of injuries to terrestrial and aquatic resources, endangered species, and sensitive environments and he has designed restoration alternatives to mitigate such impacts. As part of this work, he has also led cultural assessments evaluating the impacts of proposed developments on local cultures, archaeological sensitive areas, and environments.

His technical skills and testimony experience include statistical analyses (biometry), analytical chemistry, human health/ecological risk analyses, wildlife biology/toxicology, natural resource damage assessment, environmental impact statements, endangered species assessments, and pollutant transport modeling. Mr. Hummell has been recognized in court as an expert in remedial investigations, forensic sciences, and wildife\ecological toxicology for both private and federal clients. He has a strong understanding of the current state of the sciences used to develop legal requirements set forth by FIFRA, CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA, and many state regulations, and has served as the regulatory strategist for several clients.

Mr. Hummell has excellent communication skills including postgraduate training in negotiation, facilitation, and the graphical presentation of complex data. Combining these skills with his varied technical skill sets, he routinely interfaces with diverse audiences from state, federal, and industrial client sectors to achieve acceptable regulatory endpoints and accomplish project goals.