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EcoAnalysts, Inc began in 1992 when a group of three young aquatic biologists recognized a demand for biological monitoring services in the water quality field. Gary and Scott began providing consulting services on a part-time basis as they finished their degrees. As word about us rapidly spread, so did the demand for our services. After finishing graduate school three years later, we officially incorporated as a privately-owned Idaho business. We have been in operation for over 18 years now and have become a nationally recognized leader in the field of biological monitoring and consulting services.

EcoAnalysts' primary focus has been the identification of organisms from terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environoments. With offices in Idaho, Florida, and Canada our core services include: 1) identification of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, periphyton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, larval fish, and fish stomach samples; 2) aquatic ecology research, monitoring and consulting; 3) endangered invertebrate species surveys; and 4) invasive invertebrate species surveys and management plans.

To date EcoAnalysts has completed several thousand projects, having identified tens of thousands of macroinvertebrate, plankton, and periphyton samples from around the United States. We have completed projects from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico,India, Peru, and Surinam. EcoAnalysts has become one of the largest taxonomic laboratories in the country, with the capacity to process 13,000+ macroinvertebrate samples annually.

Consulting services include, but are not limited to: study design, field sampling, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, educational workshops, publishing educational and technical materials, and technical presentations. EcoAnalysts ecologists produce statistically and ecologically defensible study designs, which are particularly important in determining site-specific biological impacts. Our rigorous quality control procedures, and the accompanying documentation we can provide, give our clients confidence in knowing their dataset is of the highest quality and can withstand peer or legal scrutiny.

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download company info pdf

Our Purpose

Helping our clients make highly informed decisions regarding the condition and stewardship of our natural resources.

EcoAnalysts is North America’s leading provider of services supporting the assessment of surface waters (freshwater, estuarine, marine) using biological communities.

Our Focus

LIFE IN WATER — EcoAnalysts is the recognized leader in the bioassessment industry as a result of our performance providing taxonomic determinations and rigorous internal quality assurance and quality control measures.

We have assembled the top team of taxonomists in North America comprised of 14 taxonomists with 20 SFS certfications and over 190 years of comprehensive taxonomy experience. We continually update our extensive library of taxonomic references and maintain a comprehensive voucher collection containing more than 10,000 specimens verified by outside experts.

We also are certified in Maryland Bioligical Stream Survey benthic macroinvertebrate sampling and benthic macroinvertebrate processing and subsampling.



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