June 2017

Quistadrilus multisetosus

Amy McMahon, CO, Danuta Zaranko, ON

April  2017

Branchinecta coloradensis

Stephen Srayko, SK, Sean Sullivan, MT, Danuta Zaranko, ON, Jess Fang, ON, Stefan Quaglia, BC, Peter Diaz, TX,

March 2017


Peter Diaz, TX, Jess Fang, ON, Stephen Srayko, SK, Danuta Zaranko, ON, Robynn Holma, BC, Karen Hoban, BC, Sean Sullivan,  MT

February 2017

Rhyacophila betteni gr.
Rhyacophila betteni gr.

Adam Martens, BC, Jess Fang, ON, Danuta Zaranko, ON

November 2016


Jess Fang, ON

October 2016


Adam Martens, BC, Jess Fang, ON
September 2016


Adam Martens, BC, Jess Fang, ON, Alex Riemer, WA, Cody Smith FL, Katie Stevens, OK, Nick Corline, CA
August 2016

Indigenous to Australia
Atalophlebia sp

Todd Polacek, WI, Alex Reimer, WA, Mark Looker, On ,Kyle Philips, CA Sean Sullivan, MT, Adam Martens, BC, Jess Fang, ON

July 2016


Adam Martens, British Columbia

June 2016


No winners.

May 2016

Atopsyche sp.

Lisa Wambolt, CO; Sean Sullivan, MT

April 2016

Labiobaetis sp.
Labiobaetis sp.

Sean Sullivan, MT; Jessica Fang Ontario, Canada; Emma Garden, Nova Scotia, Canada; Amy McMahon, CO; Kyle Phillips, CA

March 2016

Sperchon sp.
Sperchon sp.

Sean Sullivan, MT; Jessica Fang Ontario, Canada; Emma Garden, Nova Scotia, Canada; Amy McMahon, CO

February 2016

Helius sp.
Helius sp.

Sean Sullivan, MT; Jessica Fang Ontario, Canada

January 2016

Epophthalmia sp.
Epophthalmia sp.

December 2015


Sean Sullivan, MT;  Peter Diaz, TX;  Amy McMahon, CO

November 2015

Stylaria lacustris
Peter Diaz, TX; Emma Garden, Nova Scotia

October 2015

Synaptonecta issa
Peter Diaz, TX; Sean Sullivan, MT


September 2015

Penelomax septentrionalis
Kelly McIntyre, PA; Matthew Wilson, PA; Mike Broomall, PA; Sean Sullivan, MT


August 2015

Brillia sp., a midge.
Brillia sp., a midge.

No winner.

July 2015

Alboglossophonia heteroclite

Mike Broomall , PA., Matthew Wilson, PA.

June 2015

Hesperoconopa, a tipulid that is found in cool streams in the West and occasionally in New England.

Emma Garden, Nova Scotia

May 2015

Spinadis simplex, a rare mayfly found in larger streams and rivers.

Mike Broomall, PA

April 2015

Daphnia lumholtzi. It’s an invasive species native to Africa, Asia, and Australia that is now found through most of the US.

Alexander Kain, WA,     Kasey Skrivseth, CA,    Mike Broomall, PA

Jens Hegg, WA,  Katie Stevens, FL

March 2015

Diphetor hageni
Diphetor hageni a common mayfly in bioassessment samples across the Northern US

Amy McMahon, CO

February 2015

Apatania a common taxa in bioassessment samples from over much of the US and Canada
Katie Boland, NY, Dave Schleissing, FL, Allen Cameron, WA
Justin Miller, MN, Todd Polacek, WI, Ben Moffett, WA