The interior of the ecotoxicology laboratory is equipped with ten 48 sq ft test tables equipped with continuous water flow for either temperature control of test chambers or to provide constant flow into bioaccumulation tests.  These individual water bath units can accommodate both small- and large-scale testing equipment and maintain temperature ranges of ± 1°C. In addition, a specialized temperature-control room and incubators are available to run tests at ambient temperatures of 5 – 30 °C, which also can maintain a temperature range of ± 1 °C.  A walk-in cold room maintains sediment, water, and soil sample temperatures of 4°C. All test areas have individually controlled light sources and water temperature controls to adapt to specific test requirements. Water quality parameter capabilities include salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and ammonia and sulfide concentrations (if applicable).

A separate laboratory houses microscopes and equipment needed for larval endpoint examination and counts. It is also equipped with a sophisticated stereo microscope capable of video and macro photography to document animal development, minute anatomical features, and growth measurements of microscopic organisms and algae.