Mr. Reub has 30 years’ experience related to environmental impact assessment, mitigation, and restoration of water resources with a focus on fisheries. He has extensive experience related to restoration of fish and wildlife habitat. He has been involved in a wide variety of large and small environmental assessments that encompass federal, state and local regulatory permitting as project manager, lead and contributing scientist, technical negotiator, and expert witness. His areas of experience include biological inventory and monitoring studies, Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), international environmental and social standards, state regulatory and permitting relegated to the state through federal law (e.g. State Environmental Policy Act, Shoreline Management Act, Hydraulic Project Approval, Water quality Act -401 Water Quality Certifications).

Mr. Reub’s current focus is on integration of science-based strategies, planning and assessment of ecosystem services to maximize efficiencies in conservation, enhancement and restoration of natural and water resources and sustainable use of resources. His career has involved developing innovative approaches related to value and quantify ecosystem services in an analytical framework that promotes consistent and practical comparisons (using common metrics) across physical, chemical, social/cultural and ecological values. A common analytical approach pioneered by Greg is the Net Ecosystem Services Analysis (NESA) that allows the establishment of common criteria for prioritization of restoration, monitoring parameters, conservation planning, climate adaptation and impact assessment.