Collin Ray has ten years of experience in field and laboratory research and reporting of ecological services, toxicological impacts, and biological assessments. Mr. Ray’s educational background focused on marine and restoration ecology, and practical knowledge in restoring salmon bearing streams and assessment of restoration success as a student in the Restoration Ecology Network (UW Seattle). Professional laboratory skills include leading sediment and effluent evaluations, toxicity identification evaluations, risk assessment, and novel forensic ecotoxicological investigations. Mr. Ray has extensive experience in land and vessel based field work from the Arctic Chukchi and Beaufort Seas to the Gulf of Mexico. Specific skills include: habitat surveys of aquatic (via SCUBA), riparian, and terrestrial environments, monitoring of restoration sites, damage assessment due to oil spills (NRDA), collection of organisms for toxicological studies, sediment grab and core sampling and water collection for chemical and toxicological analysis.