Charles Ingwell Phytoplankton TaxonomistPhytoplankton Taxonomist; Started at EcoAnalysts: 2009
Charles, originally from New Glarus, WI. With an undergraduate background in Kinesiology and Science Education. Charles received his M.S. in Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Charles earned his M.S. degree and discovered his love for algae under the mentoring of Dr. Craig Sandgren. Charles’ Masters Project involved nutrient and macrozooplankton removal effects on phytoplankton biomass, community organization and biodiversity in eutrophic urban ponds. Charles is responsible for phytoplankton and periphyton enumeration in freshwater, brackish, and marine systems. In his free time Charles enjoys running, lifting weights, taking his dog for hikes, brewing beer, and most importantly spending time with his beautiful wife and son Noah.