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EcoAnalysts Travels to Poland

EcoAnalysts’ marine taxonomist Dr. David Drumm was invited to a workshop in Poland on the diversity of deep-sea tanaidacean crustaceans (May 16-22, 2017), led by Polish researcher Magdalena Błażewicz. Material from the IceAGE cruises (Iceland) was examined and several species new to science were discovered. David is collaborating with a Polish researcher on the description … Continue reading EcoAnalysts Travels to Poland

PRESS RELEASE: Port Gamble Lab

PDF of Press Release Aquatic Ecotoxicology Laboratory & Environmental Consulting Group Joins EcoAnalysts We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2017 an aquatic ecotoxicology laboratory and staff in Port Gamble, Washington has joined EcoAnalysts, Inc. (Moscow, Idaho). The scientists were formerly part of Ramboll Environ (Arlington, Virginia). This partnership augments EcoAnalysts’ capabilities, and … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: Port Gamble Lab