EcoAnalysts, Inc. began in 1992 when two young aquatic biologists recognized a demand for biological monitoring services in the water quality field. Gary Lester and Scott Lindstrom began providing consulting services on a part-time basis as they finished their degrees. As word about us rapidly spread, so did the demand for our services. After finishing school three years later, we officially incorporated as a privately-owned Idaho business. We have been in operation for over two decades now and have become a nationally recognized leader in the field of biological monitoring and consulting services.

Historically, EcoAnalysts’ primary focus has been on the use of biological communities to evaluate the ecological/environmental condition of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments. To date we have conducted dozens of field surveys and assessments, completed several thousand projects and have identified tens of thousands of macroinvertebrate, plankton, and periphyton samples from around the United States. In addition, we have completed projects from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, Peru, and Surinam. Over time, EcoAnalysts has become one of the largest taxonomic laboratories in the world, with the capacity to process 13,000+ taxonomy samples annually.

Recently we have initiated a growth strategy which will build upon our core strengths and allow us to offer our clients a more comprehensive suite of environmental and ecological services. In 2016 we acquired Ecological Specialists, a nationally recognized provider of freshwater mussel survey and consulting services, and in January 2017 we acquired an established ecotoxicology laboratory from Ramboll Environ. Please see our SERVICES tab for more information regarding our newly expanded service offering.

With locations in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Vancouver BC, and Washington, EcoAnalysts is now more local to you, has more services to offer, and is better able to serve your needs.

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